Weekly VocabularyEach week, you will be responsible for completing the vocabulary task sheet (posted below as a MS Word Document) to be submitted on Fridays at the beginning of class. You'll be using words from the "word wall" I have created below the MS Word document. Each word will have a specific week related to it. Additionally, I will grant 25 extra credit points for completing the "draw a picture, relate it to yourself" box which is an optional part of the the task sheet (it is NOT required that you do this part of the task sheet each week!).

Good news!!! The vocab document to the left is in the new typeable format for those of you who want to do your work right on the computer and then print it out once you've completed the task sheet.

WB 9/19/11: accusation
WB 9/26/11: inquisitive
WB 10/3/11: fraud
WB 10-9-11: imperceptible
WB 10-16-11: adamant
WB 10-23-11: No vocab this week!
WB 10-30-11: Vocabulary will be postponed indefinitely until all Public Speaking essays & research papers are graded.
WB 11/28/11: flustered
WB 12/5/11: tenacious (page 148)
WB 12/12/11: flourish (page 176)
WB 12/19/11: No vocabulary due this week! Happy Holidays!!!